Please submit visitor parking requests as early as possible to prevent delays in your request being processed. All fields are required in order for a request to be processed. With the introduction of license plate recognition technology, a vehicle’s license plate number IS its permit. Please be sure to enter the license plate number and vehicle description correctly in order to avoid unnecessary citations.

Virtual visitor permits are intended for visitor use only. A visitor is defined as an individual not currently enrolled at, employed by, or compensated as an affiliate of JMU. Non-visitors utilizing visitor parking privileges are subject to citations. JMU departments requesting visitor permits are responsible for ensuring that the user meets these requirements.

Virtual visitor permits allow parking in any general space in all university parking facilities. Virtual parking permits issued to visitors do not guarantee a specific parking space. Virtual permits do not allow visitors to park in reserved areas such as Service Vehicle spaces, accessible spaces without a valid accessible parking permit, or expired pay station spaces. Parking in Fire Lanes is prohibited at all times. When directing visitors to park, please use the most current version of the campus parking map, located at https://www.jmu.edu/parking/_files/parkingmap.pdf.