When we share our stories, we can REBOUND from setbacks. Whether you've participated previously in the Rebound program or not, your story of working through a setback and rebounding to a place of greater success and satisfaction can be used to normalize setbacks and inspire others through their own setbacks. Sharing your story can also be a form of expressing gratitude.  The researched benefits of expressing gratitude are many--both for you as an individual, and for your communities!  Some examples of personal benefits are increased happiness and positive mood, more satisfaction with life, less likely to experience burnout, better physical health, and greater resiliency.  Some examples of community benefits are greater pro-social behaviors, stronger relationships, and increased job/school satisfaction.  This form is a place where you are encouraged to share your story. 

You can choose whether you are willing to have your story shared more broadly (on the Rebound website or promotional materials, for instance), or if you simply wanted to share it privately in order to express your own gratitude for the ways that you've been able to Rebound.  You can also indicate whether you are willing to have your story video recorded and/or podcasted or not.  Please take a moment to recognize the challenges you have overcome, or are overcoming, and then consider sharing your story on the next page (or email it to rebound@jmu.edu) !

There is no right way to do this. It is your story. Be as creative as you want. Write your story, draw it or make a video. Some of the prompts below may help you get started:

*Tell the story of what happened that led to your setback or failure
*How did you initially feel after the setback?
*What did you say to/about yourself after the setback?
*What harm was caused to yourself or others by your setback?
*What did you do to take care of yourself?  Were there any resources you used to help you recover?
*What did you do to make things right, or as right as possible, to fix as much as possible from your setback?
*What did you learn about yourself in the process?
*How are you better because of the experience?
*How did you learn and grow from your setback?
*Was there anything you changed about yourself, your habits, or your behavior because of the setback?

If you'd like to meet with a faculty/staff mentor in the Rebound program, please sign up here: JMU Dean of Students Office | JMU Advocate System (symplicity.com)
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