Congrats on your new hire!

Please share information below to have your staff member:
- Receive Student Affairs Welcome Items and Letter
       Graduate students will receive SA Tupperware 
       New Staff (wage, full time) will receive SA cup 
       New SA Leadership members (Associate Directors, Directors, VPSA) will receive padfolio and pen 
       All SA Members will receive a shirt after their New Staff 1:1 with Dr. Miller
- Added to Teams (you can also request to add them here: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3a29ace80229744977a7d3933b213537ad%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=3fcd3c5d-c3b5-4b64-a881-b06e774d50cc&tenantId=e9333c23-cac7-42f4-9989-5cee3d4a79c0
- Added to Email Distribution Lists
- Receive Information on New SAPs Orientation/Cohort Onboarding
- Begin Scheduling Process for New Staff Meeting with Dr. Miller

If you do not have your staff member's e-id/email, please complete the form anyway. Once e-id/email is confirmed, you can follow up with vpstudentaffairs@jmu.edu with information.

Please make sure you receive a confirmation of your submission to confirm you have submitted it. Thank you!
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