2023 General Education Student Conference: Nominations

Nominating Faculty Member
Faculty Member's email address
Course (for example, SCOM 123)
Are you nominating an individual student, or several students to form a panel session at the conference? 
If nominating students for a panel session, please provide a title for that session below:
Please provide a brief, one-sentence description of this panel session using the course designation (for example, "This WRTC 103 class wrote papers using evidence from the university's archive").
Student Nomination Information
Student Name
Student Email Address
Title of Presentation
Type of Presentation (oral, video, poster, debate, performance, etc.)
Nomination 1
Nomination 2
Nomination 3
Nomination 4
Nomination 5
If you would like to nominate more than 5 students, please contact Kethera Moore (foglerka@jmu.edu). 
Please notify these students about your nomination. Shortly after the deadline, we will ask each student if they accept the nomination and wish to participate in the conference.
Thank you for your nomination(s). Once you click the Done button, your nomination(s) will be submitted. 
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