Asynchronous Draw the Line/Respect the Line Program Consent Form

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The SexEdVA program at the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services at James Madison University is providing an asynchronous Draw the Line/Respect the Line Program to middle school students. 

The Draw the Line/Respect the Line program is an evidence-based three-year sex education program for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. The program focuses on developing interpersonal and intrapersonal skills so that teens can set sexual limits. The primary message that participants receive from the program is that postponing sexual activity during adolescence is the healthiest choice. Program sessions encourage participants to discuss social and peer pressures to have sex, show how to set limits and respect the limits of others, build refusal skills, and enhance skills to avoid risky situations.  

In a school-based setting, the sixth grade program consists of five 45 minute lessons, while the seventh and eight grade programs contain seven 45 minute lessons. These times will vary for the self-paced asynchronous version of the program based on student internet access and reading level.

The program curriculum will be presented through an interactive slide deck. The program materials are available for review upon request from jmu_dtl@jmu.edu.

*If you have more than one student enrolling, please submit a separate form for each. 
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