As we've communicated previously, this year we are launching a new annual, open-call EUPS reunion that will take place the second Friday in May each year. This is an idea that we had wanted to launch last year (until the Omicron surge made it seem like the wrong time).  I know that our team here in Florence is very excited to see students begin to return each year to reconnect with this program and with the community of students and employees that make it special.

In 2024, our annual alumni reunion events will be held on Friday 10-MAY-2024.  We are designing these reunions in a flexible format so that each person can have the freedom to do some of their own favorite things, while also exploring new places and venues.  So, the planned, specific reunion-wide events will both be on the 10th:

**CAREER CONVERSATIONS -- From late morning to mid-afternoon (depending on the number of panels), we want our current students to have a chance to hear from our graduates about their career experiences and to ask them questions.

**REUNION APERITIVO & DINNER -- This gathering will run from around 6:30pm forward (with the specific timetable & venue to be determined once we know the amount of participants).  Our program will be organizing and paying for this event to bring everyone together -- our faculty & staff, our current students, &, of course, you: our graduates. As a result, we need to limit each alumni participant to 1 guest at this particular event. Beyond these two reunion-wide events, for all alumni who want their participation to be known by other attendees, we will set up a platform where you can communicate with one another; share ideas for other activities; etc.

IF you are unable to attend in 2024, please complete this survey anyway as you will see a question trying to gauge the likelihood that you will participate in the future. We also begin the survey by giving each person an opportunity to clarify your preferred e-mail address.

Please complete this survey by Monday 11-DEC-2023 so that you can begin making your travel & lodging arrangements and we can frame out the activities for May 10th. 

We look forward to seeing you in Florence in May!  And if this May doesn't work for you, you can begin making plans for which May will work.

Warm regards,

Chris Blake
(on behalf of all us on the EUPS team, past & present)
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