Math Placement Assessment Decision Tree for Transfer Students

This decision tree indicates if you need to take the ALEKS Math Assessment based on math credit you have already earned and the major you are pursuing at JMU.  The survey results only determine if you have credit for a required math course OR if you have credit from a requisite course that allows you to enroll in the higher level or different topic math course for your major.  If your results indicate you need to take the ALEKS assessment and do not take it by your enrollment appointment, the system will block you from enrolling in the necessary math course.
You will notice some majors listed specify the degree type of a Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA). The main difference between a BS and a BA is the foreign language requirement.  The BA requires completion of a foreign language requirement.  The BS requires additional courses in lieu of the foreign language.  Please email if you have questions.

ALL education students should take the ALEKS assessment; a score of 46 will satisfy the required math assessment needed for admission to the College of Education.

Secondary School Education Majors:  Follow the process based on your major area (Biology, English, etc.). 

Pre-Professional Health minors (pre-medicine, pre-physical therapy, etc.): You may have additional math requirements beyond what your major requires. Please see the Pre-Professional Health Advising website for math requirements by minor.  
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