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SMAD Day’24 needs you! We’re looking for alumni to review resumes and portfolios, be part of panel discussions, and possibly lead some workshops. Can’t make it back to Harrisonburg? We are open to virtual programming, too. Complete the survey, and let us know how you’d like to participate. And don’t forget to add your #DearSMADDY story!
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#DearSMADDY story: Describe a situation to a current student that is funny / memorable. Mistakes create experience, and we want SMADDIES to know “We’ve All Been There.” Examples of a #DearSMADDY story are:
• sat through the first whole day of SMAD 201 in the wrong section,
• sent a cover letter addressed to a different company (but still got an interview),
• overslept for the law exam, etc.
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