EUPS Alumni Survey
Thanks so much for completing this survey! We have redesigned this survey to reduce the number of "not-applicable" questions faced by respondents. We value the few minutes you are about to dedicate to this survey.

Your responses to this survey will help us clarify our graduates’ experiences as we pursue the continuous improvement of the EUPS program over time. It will also help us leverage your expertise & experience to serve fellow alumni and current students.

The confidentiality of your replies will be protected by reporting graduates’ responses only in aggregate form to program employees and other stakeholders. The only exception to confidentiality is with regard to your responses to the two questions about your potential willingness to assist prospective students, current students, and/or recent graduates.
In the summer of which year did you graduate from the EUPS program?
What's your name? [NOTE: Your name is linked only to the next 2 questions on volunteer opportunities.]
Would you be willing to discuss your experiences in and after the EUPS program with applicants and/or prospective applicants?
Would you be willing to help mentor current students and recent graduates of the EUPS program?
In which of the following ways have you kept in touch with JMU since graduating from the EUPS program? (check all that apply)
Did you have any post-undergraduate professional experience before you enrolled in the EUPS program?
Which of the following statuses currently applies to you? (check all that apply)
If you are currently seeking employment, to which types of organizations are you applying for full-time employment? (Mark as many choices as are relevant)
Are you currently employed?
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